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Dec 14, 2012 6:00pm PST
today. abc 7 news reporter vic lee and laura anthony are covering local schools for us tonight what. can you tell us about school security? >> well, dan, since you mentioned police, i can tell you they've been in the process of distributing police radios to schools. so that teachers can call them directly instead of using 911. i can also tell you that all of the school zrekts by we contacted today say they do have security measures in place and that they drill regularly, all of this is after columbine.s5[4x since the columbine massacre, schools have been holding drill was police, simulating shootings. all with a goal of preparing teachers, staff and students for the unthinkable. it's taught schools to toughen their security. san francisco school chief says every campus now hz a safety plan and a crisis man yule. >> it has scenarios from you know, intruders to gas leaks to electrical leaks to evacuations and schools practice the safety plans regularly. >> he and other school officials we spoke with won't share all of the security protocol with us buzz they don't want potential intruders t
Dec 14, 2012 11:00pm PST
, but you're okay, right? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: san francisco chid psychologist dr. laura davies says don't expect the young children who went through it to talk about their fear. it may show up in symptoms like posttraumatic stress disorder like anxiety, sleeplessness. >> they may start acting out, refuse to go to bed, they might refuse to eat, pick fight with their friends. just things that aren't typical of them. >> reporter: the national center for ptsd says more than 3/4s of students who witness a school shooting may develop symptoms. one study shows 10% could still feel the effects eight months later. some children may be psychotherapy and medication. all will need loving support. >> our job as a community is to help them feel okay being vulnerable and to feel okay expressing their feelings so they don't shut down. they are going to be having nightmares. they are going to be nervous. and they are going to have a hard time trusting people. >> reporter: some connecticut parents report their children are asking when will this happen again? davies urges parents to assure the kids they'r
Dec 15, 2012 5:30am PST
. to his left, colonel laura yeager, 40th combat aviation brigade. to her left, commander steve everett, to his left lieutenant colonel dana, marine corps installation west. thank you. let me go ahead and start off by talking a little bit and just going back over some of the discussions yesterday that i think are going to play into this discussion. we had vice admiral beeman talk a little bit yesterday about capabilities and vice admiral zunkoff talked about partnerships, unity of effort, unity of command. mayor lee talked about dod efforts, expertise, community efforts and as we go into all those discussions today you will see best practices applied during the 10 years from those fires. i have the pleasure of working for administrator fuget in fema headquarters. fema's role is to coordinate response between state and local governments and his focus, his direction to us really comes down it 3 things. he asks us to always plan for the worst case, the maximum of the maximums and it's go to see the department of defense is incorporating this within the catastrophe policy that was spoken
Dec 15, 2012 5:00am PST
of 15 educators in a doctor program at the sage college here in new york. the dean there, dr. laura quigly joins me. what kind of impression did this principal, dawn hochsprung, give to you? what kind of impression did she make on your students? >> i met her first of all when i welcomed the students to the campus last summer. of the 16 candidates accepted into the doctorate program this year, i really honestly have to say she was the one person who left an indelible mark on me because i was so impressed by her comments, her dedication to her small community in newtown, connecticut. her fellow classmates were just amazed she was traveling from connecticut up to the capitol region of new york to pursue her doctorate in educational leadership. she spoke about how she truly believed that her role in education was to create such leaders of the elementary children with whom she served. she had an infectious smile and she was always smiling. i think that's a reason why i remember her so dearly. >> reporter: lori, it is not often you hear people in a town, parents and teachers and kids talk
Dec 14, 2012 4:00pm PST
reporter laura anthony will tell whaus bay area schools are doing to reach out to parents, children and staff. we'll be joined by a psychology professor from santa clara university talking about how i community deal was this trauma, and how parents should talk to their kids about violence. >> one of the deadliest elementary school shootings happened in 1989 in stockton. five children killed and 29 others wounded. the gunman then shot and killed himself. seven people were kill at oikos university. the gunman is undergoing a skrik evaluation. in february, three students killed two, wounded in ohio. students waited for buses to the school. the 17-year-old gunman is being charged as an adult there. the deadliest school shooting happened in 2007. that was at virginia tech. the gunman there killed 32 people, then shot and killed himself. and we remember in 1999 at columbine high school, two students opened firing, killing 12 classmates and a teacher before killing themselves. 26 others were wounded. >> it's been a harrowing scene in newtown, connecticut all day. we're also hearing life sa
Dec 14, 2012 9:00pm PST
, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> well today mass shooting obviously has been very emotional for parents and a lot of us are wondering how do you talk to your children about what happened. dean of the school of education and counciling psychology at santa clara university tells us today that you first need confront your own feelings whether those include fear, anger, anxiety, then speak to your child calmly and listen. listen. intently. and the time to do that is now before they see it somewhere else. >> would i talk today. i don't think it's worth waiting to the end of the weekend or waiting until a right moment. the moment is now. kids are experiencing this. they have to understand what does this really mean when elementary school has this kind of traged tragedy. >>reporter: he says you should reassure your kid that they are safe in school. certainly do so before they go back to class on monday because they may have some real anxiety talk to them. >> once again shooting massacre is rekindling the long running debate about gun control in the country. being talked about with re
Dec 15, 2012 7:00am PST
's third cousin, played by a bland laura lainney. maybe she's a bit dim because she is just thrilled to be in his presence, maybe he's intimate with every woman he meets because he has nothing else to do. bill murray is fine but the film is a waste of what could have been a smart story instead of a unbelievably sexy soap opera. fdr is afar more than this. two hats. any day now, flight, life of pi, argo, the sessions, lincoln canada county, thank you for joining connie clark. >> those were also nominated for golden globes, you can go to the movies of this cold and crisp day. >> absolute, we have some rainfall... but a relatively mild storm and slowly starting to work its way towards the bay area. here is a live look with moisture that is still hovering over northern california. we have a timed it out on futurecast. the morning will be dry but as we look for this afternoon, the increase with clouds and rain fall. the showers, not heavy rainfall. less than one-tenth of 1 in.. as we advance this. be scattered showers and for this afternoon and to this evening. by 4:00 p.m., just showers
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)